Slavery can never be tolerated… Join the fight!

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Freedom cannot be bestowed — it must be achieved

The Minmatar Republic was forged in fire after a successful rebellion that freed most of our people from the chains of Amarrian enslavement. The “Day of Darkness” in 22355 A.D., when the Amarrians first contacted the planet of Matar, was the herald of an overwhelming offensive that crippled our military installations, destroyed our fleets, and decimated our world and outlying colonies. Hundreds of millions of our people were taken by the great slave ships of the Amarr. Subsequent raids over the next millennium took millions more of our brothers and sisters and left our people scattered in disarray and fear.

In 23216 A.D. while the Amarrian Empire was locked in a war with the Jove, we rebelled, and our ragtag fleets pushed the Amarr out of systems we now call home. We stood strong at the Golgothan Fields against our oppressors and left the battlefield with our enemy’s greatest ships smoking, damaged, and destroyed.

Minmatar Munitions carries on that tradition of resistance. We are a corporation based in the Eystur system… a collection of merchants, soldiers, explorers, and miners dedicated to freeing our Brothers and Sisters who still languish in the Amarrian Empire as slaves. We are enlisted in the Minmatar Militia and regularly engage in war operations in contested star systems. We also direct resources towards fighting Amarrian oppression wherever it is found. Join a Nobel Cause…. submit an application to Minmatar Munitions and join the struggle!